Listen to your parents — don’t become a musician

Don't listen to your parents

Dreams, we all have them, but you don’t want your dreams to become a scary reality, do you? Then listen to your parents, don’t become a musician. Unless of course you want fame, more sex than you can handle, riches beyond your greedy desires and lasting admiration and godlike worship that endures throughout all history, then see all this fade to nothing.

Look at the life span of many musicians, it’s not long. Think of all the people you will disappoint when you die of a drug overdose, or drown in your own vomit. Not nice is it? You might want to become a star, but you don’t want to become like Johnny in Shooting Star from Bad Company.

So listen to your parents — don’t become a musician. Don’t ruin your life for the price of fame, which is fleeting. Don’t you know that you are a shooting star, sung Bad Company, and you don’t want your life to pass you by like Johnny’s life did, because the longer you live, the more you know, the more experience, and there’s so much more you can love and change for the better in this world, if you simply live.

Making music, performing music, being in an a band will be a life changing experience. But you want what you do to change other people’s lives, not yours.

Everyone needs music, and it’s something we must have, because music makes life better. It relaxes and excites us. It becomes our friend, our companion that keeps us from loneliness and desperation. But the fame that can go along with creating music, can take your life away. While it can change the world, like the Beatles music did, what’s the point of not being around to experience the difference you’ve made?

It is possible to have a blazing musical career and not drown yourself in a flood of madness, booze and drugs and die at 27. But it takes real strength. Especially when most around you are out of their heads on fame and alcohol. What you have to do is get yourself alone, be away from other people and picture your life as a dead drunk. See all the pain and torture you will go through on your road of dead drunk nights and screaming fans who never know how to stop demanding that you give more.

The horrible, scary nights you will have when you’ve been boozing up all day, trying to create that totally unique piece of music, which you will forget by the morning, if you make it that far, is not worth the frightening experience of looking at the end of your life from a hospital bed sometime around three am in the morning.

If you want a life in music, you have to look after your health, you have to be healthy. You might think that all the booze and drugs will help you make extraordinary sounds, but the sound of you dying in pain will drown out any musical sound that you’ve ever made.

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