What is your art worth?

Contemporary art in the home

Artwork ideas for your home

The object of Art

People! But from Behind?

Artists and galleries: it’s all about relationships

Life is about saying yes

A long Smart life

The Art of the Archibald

Art and Censorship


Throw the Book at us

The business of books is the business of life

5 Ways a review can help sell your book

How to edit your books and get them selling


Get your writing edited

Sex & Drugs and Editing – Someone else’s dreams

What I’ve learnt as an editorial assistant


Australia’s amazing women

Australia: a more female country

Gender parity in Australia

Real men read Books?

Jobs, employment, resumes

An age of Ageism

Do you need a personal assistant for your life? 


Literature museums of the world 

The Footpath library for the homeless

The shelf life of a book


Neither Gods nor Fate

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Listen to your parents — don’t become a musician

Song of the Madman

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Life in abundance – Jazz and Wine

10 things you didn’t know about Prokofiev

They only play Mozart in the morning

Indiscriminate Listening


Other People’s Rights

Why philosophy hasn’t changed the world

Happy or mad?


Poetry has lost its meaning

Poetry is what it feels like to be alive

What the heck is an Ekphrasis?


Freedom is the most important thing

In defence of the ABC and the BBC

You sexy thing

GetUp! The power of the petition

The power of plain language

No news is bad news

One party to divide or rule

Life is about saying yes

Miriam Margolyes and Slang


The digital past present and future

Spam spam spam spam

Does the internet mirror humanity?

The Internet is Dead in Australia

Imagine this

Digital versus Analogue

Slaved by the bell – Tech Madness

Get better search engine ranking

WordPress tutorials that won’t leave you scratching your head


The allure of wine in China

How we love to screw


5 Sure-Fire Money-Saving Hacks For Better Shopping Deals

Ode to Death

Winners versus Losers

Online Writing in 2015

Crap writer disorder – self assessment test

Running and Writing

Facebook versus the News

Reading and writing – When to draw the line

Slaughter on 10th Avenue

 Too many words

The reduction of sensation

Other writing

Dumb Love

The future or writing

The long night of the insomniac

The fascination of Pate


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