Arts – Writing – Life is about what it says it’s about, and me.

As an old guy, born in 1960, (man, that sounds like a long time ago) I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced and learned many unique things. Such as, I began work at 15, started in a truck repair business, a completely horrible job. I had to take my very first employer to court, as he was underpaying me. The person who represented me in court went on to become our Minister for the Olympics in 2000.

I’ve had a varied life, I was even in the army once. Worked as a waiter in a Thai restaurant, a spray painter, a sales and marketing manager and now I’m a freelance writer and composer.

Along the way, I learned how to play the guitar, piano, flute, trumpet, the violin and a few other instruments. Here’s a secret, I’ve four symphonies. Not to mention hundreds of other pieces of music. I still play the piano, and when I’ve had a few, I can really whip up a storm on the old ivories.

Robert Kennedy

I run one of Australia’s longest running poetry groups, DiVerse. We transcribe visual art into poetry and we’ve had over 70 performances and produced more than 30 booklets.

Along with a myriad of other things, I feel this gives me the right to be able to write about many subjects. I hope you agree with me and find my articles entertaining and useful.



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