5 Sure-Fire Money-Saving Hacks For Better Shopping Deals


You can save wads of cash on your goods if you shop around and don’t rush into your decision. The best thing you can do to save money is — be cool.  Try these 5 sure-fire money-saving hacks for better shopping deals and you will not only save money but you will also be saving your precious time.

Always call first

Just last month I forgot rule number one. I had to get a new internet service provider (ISP) as I was moving, and I rushed into it. I had plenty of time, but I wanted it now. This is the main reason you will lose money and probably end up with an inferior product or service.

I convinced myself that my new ISP had a great deal and that I couldn’t do better in the time frame I set for myself. I was wrong. The crazy part was that I called the ISP first, but I didn’t get them talking and let them convince me that their service was the best option for me. How do companies generally do this? If you’re wavering about their product or service, they will offer you a lower price, a free trial or free delivery.

And of course, I had to kick myself last week when I was discussing ISPs with a colleague and she told me that she was with the same ISP, but she got $60 off the $200 modem and the first two months free. She called them first and then let them convince her that their offer was too good to pass up, it was.

There are always better deals to be had if you call around and speak to an actual person. People do deals, computers don’t.

Do not auto renew

I have saved myself so much money over the years by not clicking on auto renew. Media outlets, web hosts, music, video and TV streamers all love to get you into an auto-renewal plan. Why? It saves them time and money, not you. Smart companies will call up and haggle with you when it comes time to renew your service.

Tell them you’ve been looking around. You may not be satisfied with them, so give them a chance to offer you a lower price. If they don’t, tell them you can get a better deal elsewhere, because you always can. I bet in no time they will be able to offer you a discount on what you currently pay.

Get three quotes

When out shopping, try to find a centre that has three similar shops. Go to all three and get brochures on the product you are after, or at least get a business card from the shop. When you’ve had a chance to think about it, call a friend, then go back into the shop that has the best deal.

Walk in with your opposition brochures clearly visible, ask them something you may have learned at another supplier about the product that they didn’t mention. Tell them another shop was going to offer an extended warranty or a free upgrade. It won’t be long before they will match the other offer and probably give you a lower price.

Get rewarded

Most companies will have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. And many offer discounts if you follow them. See if they have a newsletter, some only promote offers or discount coupons in their monthly email newsletter. You can even earn points from some companies if you Tweet or post a review about their products. How to Find Online Coupon Codes is an article from PC Magazine that shows you easy ways to save money online.

Make an outrageous offer or nibble

Why not? Companies do it all the time. There’s a saying about discounts from cynics like me when I see a sale advertised. If it were a sign it would look like this.


Don’t be afraid to show a salesperson how good you can be at wrangling a deal. Be creative, ask for something for free that goes with the product you are after. Tell them this is your budget and that’s it. Offer them half the sale price. Trust me, they won’t say no the first time.

In the sales world nibbling is a common practice. This is how it works for you. If you walk into a sandwich shop and they have a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on their list, order it. As the person is making it, ask them to put on a bit of lettuce, then ask for sauce or mayo. Most of the time, they won’t charge you. Nibble on them before they nibble on you. What have you got to lose?

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